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Treatment for Spine and Nervous System Problems

Chiropractors are musculoskeletal specialists who primarily treat disorders of the spine and nervous system. They use various techniques on the patients to restore proper motion for spinal joint misalignment, extremity joint misalignment and various muscle dysfunctions  Chiropractors also use various therapies to decrease pain and swelling to an injured area to facilitate quicker healing.


Misaligned vertebrae causing nerve pressure are called spinal subluxations and occur in the neck, mid back, or low back of anyone at any age.  Spinal subluxations are caused by physical, chemical, or mental stress to the body and can cause all sorts of pain disorders and pinched nerves in people.

Spinal Subluxations decay your spine like cavities decay your teeth

Spinal subluxation decrease your body's inborn ability to heal itself, which is controlled by the nervous system. Minor subluxations may not cause pain, but they always decrease your body’s healing ability.  People suffering from spinal subluxations get more colds and flus, sleep less peacefully, always feel like their muscles are tight and sore, have various stomach and intestinal issues, and are generally less healthy.

Treat Spinal Subluxations to Improve Your Overall Health

Trust chiropractors who cares for their patients

At Clover Chiropractic we care not only about how our patients are feeling, but also about how they are healing. By restoring a patient’s spinal health through natural chiropractic care, we have helped many

people to recover their health and start living again.

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